Dementia Forum X 2019

Dementia forum x 2019

Dementia Forum X is a global initiative founded to fight dementia. It is a day of reflection and discussion between a hundred of the world’s leading business executives, policymakers and other stakeholders. In the presence of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, the 3rd Dementia Forum X took place on the 15th of May 2019 in the Royal Palace. 

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This year’s Dementia Forum X focused on three key topics: Finance, Innovation, and Women’s Brain Health.

From a financial perspective, we know that dementia is a trillion dollar disease and most of these costs are borne by caregivers, especially informal caregivers. Finance is also required to fund research into the disease; as well as revamp health systems to bring new treatments to risk groups or those with a dementia diagnosis.

Innovation was discussed widely throughout the event with the possibility of disease-modifying drugs and an exploration of how technology can change the way dementia care is put into practice.

Finally, Women’s Brain Health reminded us of the urgency for gender-focused research. As mentioned by a panel presenter, two-thirds of people who provide care are women and two-thirds of people with dementia are women. Our current research on dementia paints a disproportionate picture of the disease’s true impact on the lives of women.

We were also very fortunate to have the World Health Organisation launch their Global Guidelines for Dementia Risk Reduction at this year’s Dementia Forum X. As there is currently no cure for dementia, addressing risk factors to slow its onset and progression is key.

While the event might be over for another year, there are plenty of activities to prepare for in 2020. Our partners in South Korea and Japan will hold their respective regional Dementia Forum X events; and we encourage you to follow our plans for our Working Meeting in Stockholm at the same time.

If your organisation would like to learn more about Dementia Forum X and how to get involved, please contact Mariama Samateh, Growth and Business Manager at Swedish Care International, for more information at

Dementia Forum X 2019
The event from the Royal Palace of Stockholm March 15, 2019, has been summarized in our eBook. This year was the third edition of Dementia Forum X.
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Dementia Forum X took place in the Royal Palace of Stockholm and was followed by a dinner at the National Museum. Before the dinner, a dementia-friendly tour was offered in the museum which highlighted female artists. 

Dementia Forum X showed once again, that sharing experience and ideas in a diverse group of individuals deeply engaged in the dementia space has the power to initiate significant progress on our way towards a dementia free society. Your focus on collaboration, dialogue and finding solutions have contributed to a truly inspiring and unique event.

Thanks to you, Dementia Forum X will continue to be an occasion where creative action on dementia is initiated and advanced. May this meeting encourage you in your everyday work, so that the conversations and ideas become tangible projects and results.

A big part of the event was live-streamed which you can watch on our facebook page for Dementia Forum. 


Photo credits: Yanan Li